Are You Living With a Phobia and Feel That It Will Be With You Forever

Are You Living With a Phobia and Feel That It Will Be With You ForeverAccording to Wikipedia “a phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational“.

There are a number of common phobias such as closed-in places, heights, driving, flying, insects, snakes, and needles. Having said that, there is a long list of phobias that show us that we can be afraid of almost anything. Often phobias develop in childhood, but they can also develop later in life.

Generally, people with phobias realize that the phobia is irrational, but can’t control that feeling of being afraid. Just thinking about the feared object or situation may make the person feel anxious, the heart beat goes up, they feel dizzy, uncomfortable, want to cry or feel faint. When being exposed to the stimulus that causes the phobia, people feel overwhelmed and have a sense of terror.

The feeling

Secret To End Your Phobia Control Your Imagination

Secret To End Your Phobia Control Your ImaginationThink about the phobia that you have. For instance: if you feel so fearful to drive, or to swim, think about it very carefully.

What makes you feel so fearful to drive? Everybody drives their car.

Why should you feel fearful to swim? Everybody swims, and there are swimming pools and beaches everywhere.

So, what is the basis of your phobia?

A phobia is a form of intensified panic attack and anxiety within your mind. It has been built up since a long way back in the past. You might develop it when you are still a kid. Or, you might develop it when you have certain life experience that gives you a deep emotional scar in your being. So, it might be very difficult to remove your phobia from your life.

However, with the right techniques, you will be able to remove it completely.

The first thing that you need to do is to control your imagination. This is the secret to end your phobia. It’s all inside your brain.

When you experience a kind

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The Patient and the Unusual Phobia

The Patient and the Unusual Phobia

Fear, along with death, is one of the great equalizers of human existence. Everyone is afraid of something, just as everybody is eventually going to die, which puts everyone on a level footing. However, the same can’t be said for someone who has to endure a phobia, fear is less of an equalizer and more of an inhibitor, taking away a person’s ability to function. For some people, their phobia is perfectly reasonable and may appear to be little more than a magnified manifestation of a natural fear. Examples of this can include a phobia that is directed towards snakes, or other similarly dangerous natural occurrences and creatures. However, some people can suffer from a phobia that is utterly ridiculous, by most standards.

One of the more unusual fears out there is hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, which is the fear of long words. There is a certain degree of irony involved in having an unusually long word represent the fear of long words. As with any other phobia, the trigger causes an unnaturally strong fear response in the person. In most cases, people with this problem will actively go out of their way to avoid reading anything that might

Empowering Children to Overcome Phobia

Empowering Children to Overcome Phobia

It is normal for children to sense fear about certain events or circumstances like being in a school play, passing a growling dog, or sleeping in the dark. But more often than not, these fears are exaggerated and even irrational. Some children can develop a very serious irrational fear that can be clinically considered as phobia. In medical terms, phobia refers to a type of anxiety disorder. It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no apparent danger. This is form of fear does not go away as easily as the more common types of fear like seeing a monster in a horror movie. If a child has a phobia, his or her sense of security and well-being is affected.

Most children normally go out of their way to avoid a seemingly scary situation or object. In case the situation or object of fear becomes unavoidable, children may experience panic and fear, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling, and a strong desire to get away from the thing or event that makes them scared. Sometimes, they already feel chest pains and dizziness once they entertain the thought that something bad or

Getting to Know Fears and Phobias

Getting to Know Fears and Phobias

A person’s fear can hinder his chances for development and for success. Fear in itself can be debilitating and can limit a person’s ability to go through life in a healthy way. Sometimes, a person’s fear can rule a person’s life and he becomes bereft of reason.

A person who allows his fear to rule his life can be prevented from leading a normal life. The sad fact is that the person who has the fear is not the only one affected, but also his family, friends, and the people around him.

Fear can be healthy because it allows a person to be on his toes and to be watchful of what is happening around him. A person can actually make his fears work for him instead of against him. Then again, this requires a lot of self-control and positive thinking.

A person’s fear can be caused by an event that happened some time ago, or by a belief that he is not capable of dealing with something or someone. There are fears that have a real basis, but most fears are just the creations of one’s imagination.

Phobia is also a fear of something, but such fear can

Phobia: What Is A Phobia?

Phobia: What Is A Phobia?

Phobia is a derivative of the Greek word “phobos”, meaning fear. It does seem however, to have two different definitions. Here are a couple of examples: a) an extremely intense and overwhelming sense of fear with regard to a specific stimulus or b) an intense dislike or hatred of something.

Here are a couple of examples: Arachnophobia is an intense fear of spiders. I know a few people that have this particular phobia and I find it quite disturbing to watch just how they react upon sighting one. This reaction can even present itself when they view a picture of one or see one on TV. It’s obvious that spiders cause them a great deal of discomfort.

Homophobia is a fear of homosexuals. Here we see a different interpretation of the word phobia. In this case it means an intense dislike or hatred toward homosexuals rather than an intense and overwhelming fear that would invoke terror in the heart of the homophobic.

So, what is the difference between a phobia and a fear? Most people have fears of one kind or another. Fears of: examinations, speaking in public, etc. etc. In fact, I have a fear of public speaking.

Fears And Phobias A Brief Overview

Fears And Phobias A Brief Overview

Psychiatry identifies three different categories of phobia:

Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. It is also a fear of having a panic attack in a public place, of losing control in an area from which escape may prove difficult or embarrassing.

Social Phobia is an irrational anxiety brought forth by exposure to certain social situations, leading to avoidance behaviour.

Specific Phobia is a persistent and irrational fear in response to some specific stimulus, which commonly results in avoidance of/withdrawal from that stimulus. It could be triggered by an insect or animal (zoophobia), by a situation like being trapped in an enclosed space (claustrophobia) or it could be a fear of disease (pathophobia).

Approximately 1 in 23 people suffer from phobias. That’s nearly 4.25% of the population. There are roughly 11.5 million sufferers in the US and 2.5 million in the UK.
Approximately 19.1 million American adults aged between 18 and 54 (13.3% of people in this age group) in a given year have an anxiety disorder.
5.2 million Americans (aged 18 to 54) or 3.7% of people in this age group have social phobia.
Approximately 3.2 million Americans have agoraphobia.
Almost 6.2 million US citizens have some sort

Driving You Crazy: Driving Phobia And Its Treatment

Driving You Crazy: Driving Phobia And Its Treatment

It’s a surprise to most people – including those that suffer from it – that driving phobia is one of the most common phobias.

This is because it’s a hidden phobia: sufferers are embarrassed by it so they go to great lengths to accommodate and conceal their fear. And they think they are alone. But they are not. Their condition is well understood by phobia specialists and their symptoms, avoidance patterns and responses are very similar to those of other silent sufferers.


Driving phobia is an irrational fear of driving, of being or feeling out of control whilst driving, causing dread, panic and avoidance. It is rarely skills related – most people with a driving phobia are good, competent drivers. They are usually normal, well-balanced people who once drove happily but are now anxious and panicky when driving or else don’t drive at all.


A driving phobia is like getting a puncture: it happens to lots of people, it can happen to anyone and it makes driving very difficult or impossible.

And it’s very frustrating for sufferers because a part of them – the conscious, rational, thinking part – knows that they

Overcoming Social Phobia

Overcoming Social Phobia

Everybody experiences an irrational and strong aversion or fear of a particular thing, individual, or situation. This condition is generally referred to as phobia. There are numerous types of phobia, and one of the most common is the social phobia. This type of phobic condition hinders some individuals from totally socializing or mingling with others.

It is quite innate for a person to feel shy or nervous when dealing with other people. While some are not self-conscious when speaking in front of a huge crowd, there are those who are literally afraid of doing so. Even having a simple conversion with peers is oftentimes a struggle for individuals who have social phobia.

Generally, people with social phobia have no problems interacting with close friends, relatives, and family members. However, intense self-consciousness and fear of rejection or embarrassment enter when these individuals meet new people who are outside their comfort zones.

Moreover, the case of social phobia focuses on an individual’s concerns and anxieties on their performance and image in their social circle. A normal person never has to spend so much time worrying about criticisms or how other people might see or judge them. But for those dealing with social phobia,

Causes Of Public Speaking Phobia

Causes Of Public Speaking Phobia

According to World Book Online Research Encyclopedia, “Phobia is an unreasonable yet strong fear of a certain object, class of objects or a situation.” People who suffer phobia have a compelling desire to avoid the object or situation that causes their stress.

Phobia may be classified into two types:

• Specific Phobia, such as fear of animals (i.e. Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders; Necrophobia – Fear of death or dead things).

• Social Phobia is an anxiety disorder where the sufferer fears being assessed adversely in front of a group. Thus, Public speaking phobia is an over-emphasized fear of speaking in front of a group.

According to World Psychiatric Association (1995), Social Phobia affects one to 10 people at some stage of their lives. Sufferers experience dizziness, muscle tension, trembling, blushing and/or sweating, and even heart palpitations when exposed to the feared object or situation. Others do not manifest physical symptoms but they are overtly conscious of how others react to them. They also have a tendency to underestimate their capability to overcome the feared situation.

Among the common effects of Social Phobia in a person are:

• Unstable employment record

• Have less or no friends

• Being single

• Having a low educational

What Happens When You Have A Panic Attack

What Happens When You Have A Panic AttackThere are a lot of individuals that will tell you they have heard the term panic attack before. However, not everyone is going to be able to tell you that they know what this means. Many of the symptoms that someone may experience could be seen with other conditions. Therefore, it can become very difficult to really identify and understand what is really going on.

Something that is very interesting when it comes to panic attacks is that some people will have what is called nocturnal panic attacks. Naturally, these are going to take place at night. Because of this, there are times when these attacks are going to be misdiagnosed as bad dreams. Something else that is really interesting to know about these types of attacks is that they really are common but many people do not even know that they are having them.

Everyone that suffers from panic attacks may have a different story. This is because some people will have symptoms that are infrequent while others are going to have them all of the time. Some people will

Agoraphobia and Soclal Phobia

Agoraphobia and Soclal PhobiaAgoraphobia – Fear of Open Spaces

Agoraphobia is a little more complex than that – it is the fear of being in any situation where things could go wrong without the chance to escape or get help. A lady contacted me who had been suffering worsening conditions for more than seven years. Initially it started as a little unease when people visited the house and developed into a situation where she could not go into a shop a bank or any public place without full-blown panic attack symptoms. Her heart would pound and she would feel sick and sweat all over, almost fainting at the thought of having to go and buy a loaf of bread. She also became more and more distressed at people visiting her home. Whether her symptoms were those of social phobia and or agoraphobia was never medically diagnosed. What was worse for her, was the youngest of her children was beginning to copy her behaviour in social situations and this was the final prompt for her to take action. Her doctor had given


To Overcome Your Anxiety About Traveling

The very first thing is the fact that panic or concern is definitely of the potential occasion. Quite simply, it is a section of your creativity therefore isn’t “genuine.” However it influences you as actual together with your adrenalin as well as your heart-pounding and sure seems genuine. Which means you handle worries by managing the creativity of flying.

You’ve a vibrant creativity and certainly will quickly photograph piling right into a hill, an engine bursting, a terrorist takeover, a-wing falling-off, a fireplace within the cottage, a hit with a bath of asteroids; the pilot may be drunk or haveaheart attack, etc. a variety of issues may FAIL!

Your brain that is logical actions into advise you that things happening’s likelihood are higher than striking the mil-money lottery. And you have noticed often flying is than driving a vehicle better. Your creativity returns: Well, the lottery is strike by individuals and incidents do occur, and individuals do get hit by illumination – and that I am 30,000 legs within the atmosphere with no parachute!

Einstein stated that the creativity may be the most effective part of the world. You’ve the free will selection of utilizing it for sick or good, good or damaging.